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Recycled Christmas Cards – How to Make Card Crowns for Christmas Day

6 Dec

This is a fab easy activity to do with kids….I saw something like this on someones head at a Christmas fair one year and thought it such a good idea

You will need cards roughly the same size as each other – Tear the cards in half along the fold

Fold the side edges toward the right side roughly 1cm in

Make a template on one side of a card – any simple shape will do – I made this shape

Copy and cut out the cards according to the template – I needed three and a half cards for this crown

With sticky tape or a stapler stick/staple the sides together

Adjust to fit head size

If you like – use only the front of the card or, if you have some unused cards which you don’t care for, you could get your kids to decorate the blank half with glitter and felt tip pens.

Thanks for visiting.



How to Make a Christmas Oilcloth Gift Bag – Tutorial

21 Nov

I love this bag, fashioned on the shop bought Gift bags I thought I would have a go at making one out of Oilcloth and …. it looks great.

Cut out a piece of Oilcloth measuring 42cm wide by 45cm long or 16.5″ by 18″

Fold in half and sew up the two side seams (one will be a seam along the fold)

Cut out two 4.5cm square at each corner on the bottom

Sew up the bottom seam then place the side seam and bottom seam of one corner together and sew up

Repeat this step on the other side

Fold over the raw edge at the top and hem.

If you like – top stitch from each base corner to the top edge (this will help square the bag and it stands nicer too)

Pierce 2 holes on all sides equidistant from eachother (approximately 2.5cms apart)

Thread some ribbon through for handles, tie the loose ends on the inside one corner of the bag.

Now you have an extra cute gift bag to fill with a bottle of Christmas cheer and put under the tree:)

Happy Monday. X


How to Make Oilcloth Place Mats – Tutorial

13 Nov

I made some of these some time ago, and thought I might do a tutorial on them as they are easy to do and look fab on the table.  Fantastic to keep clean by just using a damp cloth and they take the heat of pots surprisingly well…

For six place mats you will need:

12 pieces of oilcloth measuring approximately 15″ by 11″ or 38cm by 28cm for the front and back of each mat

Trim corners into a curved shape if desired

Place top piece and bottom piece of oilcloth right sides together and sew around the edge leaving an opening big enough to fit your hand in (roughly 5″ or14cms)

 Snip four vertical cuts toward the seam of the corners for a flatter finish

Careful not to cut the stitching

Turn the oilcloth the right way round

Finger press the opening closed and starting at this point, top stitch around the whole place mat

Now repeat all steps for the other five place mats

I love them, simple and effective:)

Have a good week where ever you are.


Halloween Drawstring Gift Bag Idea and Tutorial

29 Oct

This is another easy peazy idea and tutorial for Halloween or a birthday or another ‘gifty’ type day.  Use what ever fabric you have in your stash….or I have used a plain unbleached calico for these so I can get the young party goers involved in the decoration of the bag with some fabric pens:)  I made six of these to the following measurements:

For the Body of the Bag:

Cut out a 34cm by 68cm piece of calico cotton or fabric of choice

Fold in half and on the fold line cut out one inch squares at each corner

Sew up the side seams

Fold the side seam to the middle of the fold on the bottom and sew this up for the base of the bag

Repeat on the other side

Iron down quarter inch at the top of the bag

Iron a further half inch to fold in the raw edge

Sew to secure leaving a gap big enough for your tape/rope for the drawstring to go through, fold bag ‘width ways’ in half and snip a small hole at this point for threading your drawstring through

For the Drawstring:

Cut a strip of cotton 3″/8cm wide and long enough to go the diameter of the bag top plus 8″/20cm (I used a strip of 34″/86cms)

Fold in the raw edges, iron and sew into a strip

Get a safety pin- put this into the strip and thread your drawstring through the hole

Tie a knot at each end

Pull closed and there you have a lovely drawstring gift bag –

Ready for drawing all over with fabric pens, come Halloween  :0

Thanks for coming round – I’ll be chatting soon


PS.  Please comment if you have any questions;)

How to Make a Canvas Hammock

30 Jun

This is another quick project which takes little time to make.  All you need is roughly 200cm by 150cm wide of canvas or other strong material.  And approximately 12mm diameter by 6 meter standard builders nylon rope, which wont rot.  oh, and two trees between four and five meters apart.

Pin the shorter ends folding in the raw edge leaving 3cm-4cm between the fold and the stitching for your rope to be pushed through.

Sew the seam.

Repeat for the other side.

I seamed each side twice with straight stitch and once through the middle with zigzag, for added strength, as the little ones and friends like to swing FAST AND HIGH.

Thread the nylon rope through each side and gather the material in the middle.

Find two trees close enough together and tie around a strong branch or the trunk.

Get the biggest in the house to lie in it to test the hammocks height off the ground and adjust if necessary and to your preference.

Lie down again and reach for a good book, alternatively grab the nearest toddler for a test flight, or a sleep…maybe?

How to Make an Oilcloth Mobile Phone Cover

27 Jun

I love this little project.  Quick and Easy and you end up with a lovely cover for your phone:)

Cut out two pieces of oilcloth and two pieces of felt/fleece measuring approximately 3.5″ – 4″ by 6″ – 7.5″ or to the rough measurement of your phone, allowing for seams

Right sides together of one piece oilcloth and one piece felt – sew across one of the short ends

Fold over and with wrong sides together top stitch

Repeat with the other piece of oilcloth and felt

Now place the two sewn pieces wrong sides together, using straight stitch sew up the case leaving an opening at the top end (where previously stitched and top stitched)  I rounded the corners of the phone cover as I went.

Cut away excess fabric and put your phone inside, adjust if neccessary.

I made mine a snug fit to stop the phone falling out in my bag or when in my hand.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to e-mail me, or comment on this post:)

How to Put the Piping into Your Bag

8 Jun

I am not sure if this is how others do this or whether I have one step extra in the whole process but because the oilcloth is thick and the piping even thicker  –  stabilizing the piping by means of pins or paper clips is a bit tricky.  So I tend to  sew the piping onto one edge of the front and back face of the bag before sewing the bag pieces together.

Like this:

Place raw edges together, leave 2.5cm free off piping at the top, sew through piping and then sew as close to the piping as possible all the way around the bag.

Leave a 2.5cm space at the top of the other side and sew through the piping again, as seen below. Do clip the piping around the rounded corners of the bag, this helps to stop it puckering and creasing.

Now you are ready to put the centre panel into your bag, right sides and all raw edges together.

Now repeat the piping steps for the other bag face and then add this to the centre panel.

My finished bag now looks like this:

Do you like it?  If I can help further with any of these instructions please feel free to comment or email me with questions.

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