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Chinese Whisper Challenge Continues…

17 Jan


Today I completed my second A4 Quilt top for our local quilt group challenge.  The top quilt in the photo above was the inspiration and the bottom my interpretation of it.  It couldn’t be more different, I tried to follow the lines of the quilt for the basis to it, not sure.  Not sure I succeeded, it certainly changes the direction for the next quilter in line.

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Fused Art Quilt

12 Jan


It’s the new year, so why not challenge myself to something I’ve never done before?

We were set a challenge at the local quilt group I attend, taking inspiration from a photograph or picture chosen by another member we had to create a quilt top, A4 size, to pass onto the next person, who then takes inspiration from only the quilt top previous in line, creating a ‘Chinese whisper’ effect when they create their own piece.  Each member submitted their own picture, none of which we see apart from the one given to us at the start of this challenge.  It’s going to be fun seeing how the theme developed at the end of six months.  Looking for tips from Melody Johnson and her fibremania blog, this quilt top was totally constructed by fusing fabric, I added the stitching today.  The process was exciting and something I will definitely try again.

Happy new year.

If you are looking for more inspiration head over to Nina’s Off The Wall Friday where I will be linking this post:)


Design Wall Monday – playing some more

22 Apr

I got a bit hooked on making these wonky oval shapes and now have four

quilts 146

They were fun to make, now I just need to figure out how to connect them and what to make…what do you think I should do?

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week:)

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About Texture

18 Apr

A walk round Gunnersbury Park

quilts 140 quilts 133 quilts 143

  quilts 128 quilts 141 quilts 142

A look in Jean Wells Book

Photo Courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

and I’m inspired all over again.


Design Wall Monday – Fun Fusing With Scraps

8 Apr

I’ve been busy creating a small piece inspired by Bethan Ash’s book on Vibrant Quilt Collage.

quilts 125

It still needs a bit of work.  I fused these scraps from past projects.

Bethan Ash suggests mounting these small pieces on a frame.  I love this idea:)

Just need to add some more shapes, quilt it and find a frame.

‘Till then.

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Sue Bleiweiss

7 Mar

I often find quilt artist’s use of colour is what draws me to their work.  Sue Bleiweiss certainly is someone whose work I admire.  She has a book out called ‘The Sketchbook Challenge’

Image Courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

If you want to find out more about her art she writes a great blog sharing her processes.

She also has a page of  free projects where she offers her knowledge in many different quilty things.

Worth dipping into…



Wednesday Works…..in progress

30 Jan

I have two this week, the first I’ve been working on best part of this year and have found it quite a challenge.  In my ‘creative’ haste I don’t think I cut my curves to fit accurately so have spent lots of time trying to flatten out those pesky lumps that never seemed to go away and unpicking to try and rectify the problem.

quilts 044quilts 049

quilts 050

quilts 064

I created a great deal of off cuts to get those lumps and bumps out:

quilts 062

I think I’ve got to a level of flatness that I’m at least happy with:)

One more side to add over there on the right to make it all even, then I’ve got to work out how on earth to bind and quilt it.  I’m thinking pillow slip rather than the more traditional frame like binding, what do you think?

The other WIP is a triangle quilt- working with my scraps to create some triangles within triangles with the thought of making a bed quilt solely out of this shape.  Take a look over at this post at what’s been attempted so far.

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