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Fused Art Quilt

12 Jan


It’s the new year, so why not challenge myself to something I’ve never done before?

We were set a challenge at the local quilt group I attend, taking inspiration from a photograph or picture chosen by another member we had to create a quilt top, A4 size, to pass onto the next person, who then takes inspiration from only the quilt top previous in line, creating a ‘Chinese whisper’ effect when they create their own piece.  Each member submitted their own picture, none of which we see apart from the one given to us at the start of this challenge.  It’s going to be fun seeing how the theme developed at the end of six months.  Looking for tips from Melody Johnson and her fibremania blog, this quilt top was totally constructed by fusing fabric, I added the stitching today.  The process was exciting and something I will definitely try again.

Happy new year.

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Fused Art Quilts – for a good measure of procrastination

28 Mar

Yes, there has been quite a bit of procrastinating the week.  Taking my mind of the 150 years challenge quilt to do something quilty without the maths.  I was doing a paper collage with my daughter and it reminded me of the Bethan Ash book I reviewed here and the american version  of the same book many moons ago.

It got me thinking how fun it would be to do something entirely fused with lots of quilting.

quilts 122

Not sure this one works – but it was fun.  Perhaps more cohesion and overlapping with the fabric would be more effective.  This is a tiny 12″ by 12″ for practise and learning purposes.

Today I got busy with the back of the 150 years challenge quilt.  It seemed a shame after many hours spent making up the numbers 15o, not to use at least one of them somewhere.

quilts 102

So I did…

quilts 120

for the back

Next up – basting and quilting.

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Design Wall Monday – maths in quilting

11 Mar

My brain has felt a bit like it’s going to burst trying to nut out the geometry of concentric circles cut into pie shapes, work out the quarter inch seams and colour combinations and I have found myself more confined and less free than I felt in most of the other quilts I’ve made.  Perhaps I need a break or it is just that I need to get out more;)  So this is what My Design Wall looks like today…Image

Like my head a bit of a muddle.  Nothing pulling together yet.  Hopefully the the light bulb will go on soon and I will find some inspiration on how to put it all together.

If you are looking for my quilting gallery ‘beat the winter blues’ give away post please scroll down to the previous post and comment away.

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Great link for a ‘drunkards path’ template and sewing tutorial

28 Feb

I’m trying to incorporate some circles in my London Underground 150 years piece and struggled to get my head around sewing these until I started to google up ‘Drunkards Path’ templates.  In my search I stumbled upon Leila’s tutorial.  Fantastic, I understand this template now.  Easy to follow instructions, thanks Leila:)


Hopefully I’ll be able to get some fabric cut and sewn tomorrow morning.

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London Underground 150 Years

26 Feb
Tube Maps

Tube Maps (Photo credit: Martin Deutsch)

The London Underground has been running for 150 years, Wow!


The London Modern Quilt Guild’s


next challenge is to create something to celebrate this…


quilts 079


I found the latest tube map to be of inspiration.  Starting with a simple sketch using some of the shapes and the number 15o.  I’ve also had a look at google images relating to the London Underground, there is a lot there to get the mind working on how to go about this challenge.


Let the fun begin.




It’s Growing…

14 Jan

My take on the curves of Escher’s distortion grid has grown into some colour.  I like the way the black and the waves play on my eyes.  It’s fun to see how it changes just by adding colour or changing the orientation of the lines as I sew.


I’m not sure where to next, so it sits on my design wall for me to ponder.

Until I feel ready to continue with it, I got my dyes out.  Looking forward to seeing results…


Be speaking soon.

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Escher’s Distortion Grid Revisited

7 Jan

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

I received this book for Christmas and it got me thinking about Esher’s distortion grid again.  It certainly sheds more light on the mathematics behind his fascinating art.

I haven’t measured anything in this beginning, but I do like the curvy lines.  I didn’t get the horizontal lines to match up either – any tips?

quilts 044

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