How to Make Oilcloth Christmas Gift Bags

How to Make Oilcloth Place Mats

How to Make a Drawstring (Gift) Bag 

How to Make a Canvas Hammock

How to make an oilcloth mobile phone cover

How to put Piping Into Bags

How to Make Piping for Bags

How to make a Hooded Swim Towel

How to make 5 minute Peg Bag

How to change the canvas on a classic deckchair

How to make a Kindle Case/Sleeve

Easy Peasy Oilcloth Gift Bags

I love making these, they look so cute and are easy to make in a short time space.  I found the oilcloth in a shop in East London and thought it so sweet.  The design of the fabric lends itself perfectly for these little gift bags.  I made a few for the craft fair I did last year and they proved popular there.

Oilcloth BackPack Tutorial

Crazy Patchwork in Oilcloth Tutorial

Recycled Christmas Card Tutorial Reference:

I was at a local charity shop yesterday and saw a very clever idea – prettily cut up Christmas cards to make for a second use as gift labels.  What a good use for all those old cards (if you are anything like me and a bit of a hoarder) you might have a stash of them?  Another way is to make up some Christmas tree decorations….see below for details.

I found this through veryberry’s blog and have been so impressed with this brilliant blog!  It is an extensive blog with lots of excellent crafty tutorials offered!  Here is a link to my favourite decoration tutorial.  I thought I would make one with some old Christmas Cards I found hiding from years past.

Gift Box Tutorial

Tutorial on Oilcloth Apron

Paper Card Hanging Decoration

This is a great way to entertain yourself and any children for a little while one day, and at the end you will have some pretty hanging decorations for around the Christmas Tree.  Be prepared for a little or perhaps a lot of glitter landing up everywhere depending on the age of your children – my little one decided upending all of the red on the floor was a very good idea.  That’s all part of the fun!  I learnt this decoration when supporting a New Zealand teacher who was doing an art and craft lesson with some year six pupils just before Christmas a few years ago.  A clever and simple idea.  Thank you.

How to Make a Paper Gift Bag

This makes me very excited.  A tutorial on how to make your own gift bags and they really are that simple, just like wrapping a present, no sewing required…

How to Make  An Oilcloth Christmas Stocking

How to Make An Oilcloth Zipper Case

This is my first attempt at a tutorial.  The bag described step by step measures 20cms wide by 10cms deep and could be used for make-up or just as a simple pencil case.  The two skills I present have really helped me in my bag making.  Simple but effective.  These are: adding a zipper the easy way and creating a base for your bag.


3 Responses to “Tutorials”

  1. Anja July 14, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    Hello From the Netherlands!

    I really love your tutorials with oilcloth (in dutch: tafelzeil) I tried two of them and they are great!

    Thanks a lot

    • diannajessie July 15, 2011 at 7:10 am #

      And thank you:) I am so glad that they work for you, I popped over and take a look at your site, do you ship to the uk? looks great – have a good day!

      • Barbara Harms July 23, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

        You have so many fun projects here, something can be found for every one’s tastes.

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