Craft Fair Update

18 Jul

Yesterday came and went – thank you all the people who wished me well for the event, I would love to say that it was a success.

Brick Lane, a perfect place one would think – a long tradition of street markets many staking out a piece of pavement or small stall to sell their things, from dusty old books to rusty tools.

Our market was slightly off the main drag – in fact it seemed to far a step for the majority of footfall upon the pavements of Brick Lane itself.  So there were not many that passed through the doors.  Fortunately we were dry inside – the sun shone – the wind blew – the thunder cracked – the rain came and went all the way through the day, but we were dry.  Quiet, Quiet, Quiet.

So, I feel a bit disappointed.  The works that all craft stall holders put into their stalls and all the time before, during and after was lost.  There were a few that made some sales, I can’t say I did.

Will I do another?  Once bitten….I do feel very shy now.

Fortunately the stall holders got to know each other a bit, and we exchanged thoughts, ideas and cards and a few showed interest in my items and took some cards.  Maybe something will come of it – here is to hoping.

This is what my stall looked like – before and after shot in one.

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6 Responses to “Craft Fair Update”

  1. Peng Peng July 18, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t hav better luck at the fair. Your items are gorgeous! Don’t give up though. You’ve got to keep trying.

    Unfortunately I’ve temporarily lost the sewing bug. Haven’t done anything in ages!! My new job is also making me exhausted so I don’t seem to be able to get into the mood…

    Sigh, hope i’ll get my mojo back soon…


    • diannajessie July 19, 2011 at 8:23 am #

      Thanks for your kind words, I was smarting a bit yesterday.
      I love making my things, I just think I need another approach to selling them and where to sell them. What is good is that I can focus a little more on my growing love for quilting.
      Your job sounds demanding, I am sure you will find with a bit of time the sewing bug returns:)
      Good luck

  2. Peng Peng July 19, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    It is a tough craft world out there dianna… Chin up… Most importantly you’re enjoying yourself doing what you’re good at doing… Your hard work will be rewarded in due course 🙂

    And thanks for the words of encouragements… I was scrolling through pictures of my projects when I started sewing and I could feel a tiny bit of excitement coming back to me. Hopefully i’ll motivate myself to make something soon 🙂


  3. Garden Beet July 28, 2011 at 5:18 am #

    Garden Beet did about 6 brick lane stalls and we never made money. I am sure after awhile you wil learn to make money – adjust pricing, product range etc and get in the main area for max footfall.

    But really it is such a time intensive exercise that it did not seem worthwhile for us. We just stick to our website.

    We also found places like NOTHS take loads of money and make profits difficult to attain.

    I recommend trying to distribute to small shops and webstores

    • diannajessie July 28, 2011 at 6:51 am #

      Thanks for this excellent bit of advice. I absolutely agree on the time intensive aspect and if I do some more market stalls I need to be more selective. I have been toying with the idea of independent shops for a while, I think this should be my next angle. Thanks again:)

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