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18 Apr

A walk round Gunnersbury Park

quilts 140 quilts 133 quilts 143

  quilts 128 quilts 141 quilts 142

A look in Jean Wells Book

Photo Courtesy of

and I’m inspired all over again.



Fused Wall Art Collage

12 Apr

I finished of my little piece of fused ‘art collage’ it measures roughly 10″ by 12″.  I really like the idea of mounting these pieces on small frames.  So that’s what I did….

quilts 126

The interfacing I used was thicker than what Bethan Ash suggested – purely because I miss ordered some fleece fusible medium weight instead of interfacing.  It was great to quilt, but tricky to get perfect corners around the frame.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Working with Black and White before Colour

29 Nov

escher_relativity (Photo credit: williamcromar)

I thought I might take a bit of advice found on Brenda Gael Smith’s Blog who spoke about a workshop she attended with Nancy Crow.

My distortion grid work has been put on hold… I’m struggling with where the lines should go and what colours to use…

So maybe a trial of what I’m trying to create in black and white first, perhaps it will make the design clearer in my head.

Here’s to hoping.

Escher’s Distortion Grid  – Google Images


Escher – Illusions

26 Nov
Metamorphosis II

Metamorphosis II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m waiting on some bondaweb so my stained glass quilt is on hold – I thought I would get started on something else in the meantime.

M.C. Escher is another artist whose work I admire.  His work fascinating.  The typical mind bending and impossible worlds he created are brilliant.  I thought I would try to use his distortion grid to work with today.

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Elizabeth Barton Art Quilts – Inspirational

22 Nov

I found a wall outside the South Bank Theatre with some crazy paintings –

I really like the colours and strangeness of the images

Some inspiration for the future…

Talking of inspiration,

Marianne who blogs at The Quilting Edge- marisquilts, has been an inspiration to my quilting over the past year.  I discovered her blog and fell in love with her use of solids and the fabulous quilts she makes.  I was looking through marisquilts flickr pages and found Elizabeth Barton.  Again, her name is new to me – she is prolific and her work is beautiful, tackling many different and challenging genres in her quilts.

It’s so good tapping into so many wonderful and talented people who share their work and knowledge – it is appreciated:)


Fabric Dyeing – is there a right time to start?

7 Oct

I am inspired to try some hand dyeing, I’ve been reading all about the adventures of

Brenda Smith – Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting

She has been doing dyeing workshops over the past few days at the

Craft and sewing Show in Townsville Australia

I’ve also been researching the dye called procion mx, which seems to be the chosen dye for good results on natural fiber fabric, like 100% cotton.

There are quite a lot of youtube videos talking about methods of hand dyeing

 A good web page on it by Paula Burch

A great Book by Helen Deighan

Dyeing in Plastic Bags: No Mess, No Fuss, Just Great Colours

Photo Courtesy of

And this Fabric Dyeing 101 webpage including an e-book recommended by Brenda Smith on her blog.

Does warmer weather help the dyeing process – if you dye, have you any tips to share – I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you,


Quilt Artist – Cheryl Bridgart

4 Oct

If the thread painting of Barbara Harms’ blog and Ellen Anne Eddy inspired you – take a look further at

Cheryl Bridgart

– My mother saw some of her work at the Sydney Quilt show earlier this year and was fascinated by it.

She too Paints with Her Thread.

There is a video on her website which gives a real insight into her work.

Happy stitching and more


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