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Folksy Friday – Toothy Things

27 Apr

Hello and welcome to Folksy Friday on DiannaJessie

It has been a week of check ups at the dentist – with teeth on my mind I present ‘toothy things’ as my themed Folksy feature today.


Thanks to all these folksy sellers and please follow any links back to their shops if anything takes your fancy.

Magical toadstool Tooth fairy tooth box

Crochet Bright and Beautiful

Monster bags – the orange ones

The Fabric Laboratory

Crocodile Bootees


Dinosaur T Rex Suncatcher Stained Glass Handmade


Funky monster Tissue Holder


Purple Monster Bag


Malcolm Monster

Keeley 13.

Have a good weekend,



Folksy Friday – Bugs ‘n Beetles

30 Mar

The sun has been shining for a full two weeks and it has been glorious!  Welcome the garden.  We’ve been planting loads of flowers putting them in the cold frame to start their growth.  My littlest and I have also been digging and clearing the veggie patch.  We found so many bugs to spy at – big ones, little ones, squidgy ones, leggy ones – all sorts and still an earthworm is called a snail, hmm?!

In celebration of all the bugs and beetles are these Folksy artisans work.  Thank you and please do browse in any of their shops following the links below the images.

Glass Bottle Decorative Pewter Embossed Little Bugs


KINDLE 4 Cover cute Bugs in jars retro BUTTON case


2 x GIANT Beastie Bug Crayons

Bronny Pom Poms

Bugs notecards set of 4


A4 Print: Life is Good papercut giclee

Folk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor

Happy bugs hair clips

Butterfly crafts

Gift Favour Box, Print and Make Bugs Pillow Boxes

Papercake Print and Make



Thanks for stopping by,


Folksy Friday – Cartoons

16 Mar

Friday here we are again – welcome to Folksy Friday here on DiannaJessie.

There are few books lying round the house by Jeff Kinney the author of ‘Diary of  a Wimpy Kid’ – My son loves his books and recently did some research on him.  He found out some interesting facts  – most importantly that he is a very talented cartoonist…

This inspired my theme today.

Thanks to all the Folksy Sellers here who have let me share their work, there is a hyper-link under each image for you to look at any of these shops on Folksy.

Happy looking.

100% Gibberish (Blue)- Available in Large, Medium & Small

Jak Gibberish’s Folksy Store

Anniversary card – Love is… sharing

Unique hand finished cards, stationary & illustrations

Favourite Cartoon Characters Digital Print

Snollygoster Hand Drawn Cards T-Shirts and Gifts

‘Dressage’ 8 inch x10 inch horsey cartoon print

The Artwork of Natalie Brooks

ABC cartoons

Chloe Batchelor illustrations

Thanks for popping over, I’ll be chatting soon.


Folksy Friday – Black and White

2 Mar

Hi and welcome.  Friday is here again and this week my chosen theme – Black and White.  I love the stark contrast between them and they look so good together.

Thanks to these Folksy Sellers.

Please browse further in any of the shops following the links below their individual items.


Kadouda – Joanne Potter textile Artist

Sale – Black and White Butterfly

Bluebell and Rosie

Black & White Dress

ModeAlisa – Clothing Etc

Black & White Beaded Bracelet

Dotty’s Bits and Bobs

Black&White Handbag

Falka’s Patchwork Bags

The Wolf Black & White Card


Happy Weekend,


Folksy Friday – The Tortoise

24 Feb

Hello and welcome to another Folksy Friday on DiannaJessie.

This weeks theme is the tortoise.  I have to admire their slow steady pace as over the past few days I have been working hard at completing a quilt and have felt very much like a tortoise!!  I am sure the reward will be sweet:)

Thank you to these Folksy Artisans.  Do follow any of the links to browse further.

personalised girls tortoise birthday card

molly moo designs

mr tortoise pencil case – zakka style


Tortoise design canvas zipped bag with strap

Figaro’s Fancies

Clay Tortoise Brooch

Pixie & Joy

Tavistock Tortoise toy or pincushion knitting pattern

fluff and fuzz

Tortoise book ends

gigglewood crafts

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


Folksy Friday – Homeware

17 Feb

Hello and welcome!

Friday comes round so quickly and it’s wonderful to be able to share creative people’s work off.  This week I am featuring some gorgeous bits of Homeware.  If anything takes your fancy please follow the links below each image which will take you to the Folksy Sellers individual Shops.

2 tier quirky cake stand


Wine Glass Charms


Set of four reversible Placemats & Coasters

Heart and Sew gifts

Hand made Raku ware Bottle Vase Bowl

Hand Made Raku Pots

Leather coaster set (x4) – Deep Purple lace design

Beautiful Skin

Espresso cup with oak ash glaze

Birchcroft Ceramics

Made to order Sunflower bowl

Mosaics by Jan

Candle Lantern

Jade Waterlily

Happy Friday and Enjoy your weekend, where ever you are.


Folksy Friday – Green

10 Feb

Hi and welcome to Folksy Friday on DiannaJessie.

Today I woke to look out the window and see snow on the ground,  perhaps I’m yearning for the little signs of spring to emerge.

 Enjoy the colour green today, I do love it!  There are so many different hues with in it.

Thanking all the Folksy sellers who have let me show there work,

the links below will take you direct to the item and shop.


Green Dress

Marthamoo Destash

Shades of Green

Wooly Duck

Green Apple

Crafty Bags

Shiny Green Bag

Ways With Wool

Green Beret


Green Buttons

Angel Mosaics

Green Man

Have a great weekend,


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