How to Make an Oilcloth Apron

11 Dec

Cut out basic apron shape – this one measures  37cms wide at the bottom, by 48cms long by 23cms wide at the neck end when sewn, add a cm onto pattern when cutting.  To fit 2-5year old.  An easy sewing project for all sewers – perhaps a good stocking filler for a young aspiring baker/painter etc etc….

1.  Sew on both side tapes using zigzag stitch to reinforce

2.  Next fold over the side seams and sew in straight stitch (double over the tape so that it is facing out perpendicular to the side seam), sew the hem at the bottom of the apron.  No need to worry about fraying – oilcloth does not)

3.  Make small cuts in the fabric around the curve, this will make sewing the curve easier.

4.  With the help of some very pretty pegs, peg down the ‘armhole’ seam and stitch in straight stitch.

5.  Now repeat step 1 and 2 with the neck tape on one side.

6.  Sew velcro onto the bottom of the other side of the neck tape – I made my velcro about 7cm long so that it would be adjustable.

7.  Sew the opposing velcro along the armhole seam on the underside of the apron.

8.  Attach the velcro strips together hang up, stand back and admire….

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